Monday, February 9, 2009

When death thumbs a ride on the consumed image turned all-consuming.

"Answering to the extensive expansion of industrial production and consumption to the "Third World" is an intensive expansion of the capitalist relation at the 'center,' where it becomes coextensive with life. And death. Producing oneself through consumption has its dangers, particularly when the consumption is of cultural images, so free-flowing and seductive. Dangerous it is, but not abnormal.

"Roseann Greco, 52, of West Islip, was charged with second-degree murder for killer her husband, Felix, in their driveway in 1985. She insisted at the time that the cartoon character Mickey Mouse had taken over her husband's body.

Roseann Greco was found mentally competent to stand trial." -Brian Massumi, 1993.

From Israel Today (August 1, 2007):

"After a Mickey Mouse look-alike sparked international outrage by promoting jihad on Hamas TV, the embarrassed Gaza government found a convenient solution for taking the show off the air. 'Mickey' became a martyr. 

"The Hamas 'Mickey' nicknamed Farfour, was beaten to death by an Israeli security official in the weekly children's series Pioneers of Tomorrow."


(is this getting weird?)

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