Wednesday, April 1, 2009

more prtyz

topiary party!
this is a little in-joke for yourself. blow a couple hundred on shrubs and cut them into dinosaurs, then invite friends over to celebrate your new vocation. the key is to stay sincere while your guests wonder if you've lost it. you'll chuckle to yourself, but after a while you'll wonder if you really are crazy. this can be reworked with lapidary, vexillology, terrarium-making, etc.

WASP party, or: tiny deaths of the soul party
"this cake is sinful, allison. i'm supposed to be no-carb but i'm cheating. have you seen the langs recently? they just redid ollie's study. they had a little get-together. i was surprised you missed it. this music is so unusual, is it brazilian?"

have i shown you this youtube video party
this is like a tupperware party, but less talkative and physical. psychadelics/downers welcome. no laptop no entry.

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