Thursday, March 12, 2009


just the other day i was sitting at my computer in the studio when i felt an itch just above my left ear. after a moment of searching i discovered that this was caused by the explorations of a small reddish brown ant. I removed him from my skull and continued to work. Admittedly this is not the first time i have pulled a bug out of my hair. Twenty minutes later my vision was interrupted by a tiny black blur. Eyes following its trajectory, i looked down to discover that another small ant had fallen through the air and landed on my left breast.

there are ants falling from my ceiling.

that is all.

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anna w said...

once, i was working in my carrel, and suddenly i felt something hard and crispy hit my cheek. then i heard malicious giggling. jesse coburn was throwing cheesy doritos at me (our carrels are open at the top). i know they were cheesy because obvz, i was hungry so i tasted one.