Saturday, March 21, 2009

happy saturday!

more party ideas!

body painting / fake irony party
"ha, whatever, it's not like this is about boobies - we're way too evolved to care about boobies, but we'll go to any lengths to taunt the squares." (BONER)

steam room freakout party
this involves the freeman athletic center, hallucinogens, one of those "scary halloween" soundtracks, and pretty serious douchebags for friends.

postponed surgery party
if you have surgery coming up, postpone it and have a party instead!

malevolent forces of god and nature party
stand on the edge of a high place with your arms outstretched for 24  hours, come rain or come shine or come strong gusts of wind. not much of a party, but i'm doing it tonight!

1 comment:

william r. said...

i've never wanted to stick it to america so hard

("oh yeeeah" + high five)