Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Fever

Talk about food porn:
(from, a generally respectable site where the author mostly talks about baking dainty cookies. something is in the air.)

"...I discovered myself playing with a vanilla bean when what I was supposed to be doing was cooking with it. The bean was beautiful.  It was long and slender, but plump enough to squeeze, moist, but wrinkly and, as soon as I touched it, my fingers carried its scent.  What I needed to do was slice the bean in half lengthwise and release the inner seeds -- and I would -- but what I found myself doing was bending the bean up and down, rubbing its surface with my fingers and breathing in its perfume, deeply.  And, as I did this, I thought of Pierre Herme, whom I always think of when I've got a vanilla bean."

Is it for real? This is infinitely more exciting than my writing.

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anna w said...

this makes me uncomfortable. isn't dorie greenspan like 80?