Tuesday, March 10, 2009

like you remember your life

sometimes i think of ideas for parties, like how other people think of band names. two great ideas:

that could be a hat party
this one is pretty zen. if you see something that could be a hat, put it on your head. then come to the party!

black-light zip-line joust party
people with enormous neon foam bats, zip-lining at each other from opposite ends of a large room with one chance to really WAM each other - in crazy neon costumes! in the dark! this party has the added benefit of two compound words in its title. 

Of course, Anna using "Ollie" in a sentence is a party right there.


Dan! said...

So like if there was a renaissance fair scene in Tron?

Yes, please.

anna w said...

best of both worlds: meta pita party?